Today I start my blog

I’ve been toying with this idea for years, but only now at 3:37AM on a Thursday morning, I feel a total pull and need to get my thoughts down.  I am usually a private person, and the desire to get my thoughts out could absolutely be satiated by writing in a private journal as opposed to a public blog for the world to see.  But, I thought I would try something different. Try to see if this project will ignite some sort of fire in me and put an end to my struggle with the concept of me.

The events and emotions of the past 5 weeks, strike that, 3 years, is what is pushing me to start this blog.  My mind is going crazy and there is so much I need to say.  I wonder if I will have the courage to explore the things I’ve pent up inside and share with you what I have learned about people, friends, relationships, career, love and life.  I have no idea where this blog is going to go.  Maybe it will die at some point in the near future…maybe it will turn into something even bigger than me.  Who knows!  Let’s see what happens and just try to enjoy the ride.

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