Closet Confidence Challenge

One reason I started this blog project was to understand fashion and style better for myself.  I believe that this is one piece to reuniting myself with my confidence.  As previously mentioned, I have done an insane amount of fashion blog perusing to pinpoint what looks I like and how to better develop and define my personal style.

I discovered Alicia Winnett’s blog – Alicia Fashionista – in December 2015 when I was Googling how to style an ugly Christmas sweater to look super cute.  The theme of my office’s Christmas celebration was Ugly Christmas Sweater, and I absolutely refused to throw the sweater on over jeans!  It is a holiday party after all.  Plus, the husband uses my annual Christmas parties as an excuse to dress up because day-in and day-out, he wears clothing suitable to his profession which is construction.

I stumbled on this post of Alicia’s and have been in love with her ever since!  She is a confident woman who has her own look and style, and she’s just naturally beautiful, joyful and seemingly carefree and loving life!  A total inspiration.  Starting at Alicia Fashionista, my journey went like this:

Alicia Fashionista –> Her Waise Choice by Jen Tam –> Into Mind written by German fashion blogger, Anuschka.

Wow, I am SO impressed by Anuschka’s blog!  I have spent countless hours there!  The best thing ever is that she creates Style Confidence challenges and assignments that readers can do on their own to find their personal style!  SCORE! It’s a no-brainer way to explore and find my own style through mini challenges, and also a reason to blog more!  Thank you Anuschka! XOXO

I am inspired and determined to complete the 30-Day Closet Confidence Challenge and post my journey here.

DAY 1 CHALLENGE: Build a mood board of things you love but aren’t wearing yet

Things I Love (but am not wearing yet)
  1. Culottes: these have come in style for a while now, yet I do not own a pair. I don’t shop a lot, so that would explain it. I love how culottes look as they appear to be so classic and feminine.  Plus they look super comfortable and fun to wear.
  2. Kimono: on casual days, I would love to throw on a light floral kimono-style cover up. I think it would be a good item to add interest to a basic outfit you would wear to run weekend errands.
  3. Fun and Funky Statement Purse: I am a total basic bitch when it comes to fashion and style.  So, I think that if I sported a funky and outrageous purse with my basic outfit, it would kick things up a level!
  4. Vest: I have been seeing these around Pinterest a lot.  Another item that I feel I can throw over a monochromatic basic outfit to kick it up.
  5. Statement Necklace: I actually own a few statement necklaces, but I always feel awkward wearing them on a day-to-day basis. I do love the look that adding a statement necklace to a simple outfit does though, so I should consider incorporating them into my everyday wear more!
  6. Chambray Shirt: I kind of think I am the only woman in the world who doesn’t own a chambray button-up! I love the look of them, but truthfully, I get incredibly overwhelmed with all the different silhouettes, fabric weights, pockets vs. no pockets, and button details that are out there.  This is why I have never purchased one.
  7. Crop Top:  these are so cute! I own two crop tops that I love and I have only worn each of them once or twice. I have this thing in my head where I think that I need a washboard belly to sport one, but my recent discoveries in the fashion blogosphere have proven this wrong!  Still not comfortable though…but definitely aiming for one day to muster up the courage to just rock it.
  8. White Jeans: I like the look of white jeans and a lot of my pins are outfits with white jeans.  However, I do fear that they can look cheap which is why I currently don’t own a pair.  As with anything, it really is just how you style it and rock it!
  9. Faux Fur Vest:  love these!  But the reason I don’t own one is because I’m busty and I have it in my head that I will just look incredibly top-heavier with this on.
  10. High-Waisted Wide Leg Pants:  probably the only reason I don’t own a pair is because I don’t really shop!  I love how elegant these look on women and what a beautiful silhouette they create.
  11. Stripes:  I’m loving the black and white stripes that I have been seeing on blazers, tops and skirts. I would say that such a pattern is really stepping out there for me (hilarious right?  This is such a basic pattern).
  12. Leather Panel Leggings: again, I feel like I am the only woman in the world who doesn’t own a pair of leather leggings!  I love these.
  13. Bold Florals: another pattern that I really love.  Florals are so feminine.  I don’t own any bold florals because I am currently not comfortable wearing them due to my perception that they will draw a lot of attention.


So there you are!  My mood board completed for the Closet Confidence Challenge.  Over the next 30 days, I will complete one assignment a day and blog about it here.  I’m excited!



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