Closet Confidence // What She Likes About Me

Continuing with my style challenge, next up in discovering my confidence was to ask a friend what she likes about my style.

I ask my girlfriend at work this question, practically cringing in prep for the answer.

“I like that you are not afraid of colour, and that you always go for fitted silhouettes. Your look is professional with a hint of sexy.” – Jaime

Cue someone to step in and close my mouth!  Jaime’s response wasn’t near anything that I expected.  However, I must say, I had no idea what I was expecting.  It wasn’t that, though!

Since Jaime sees me mainly in a work setting, I figure it would be a good idea to ask someone who knows my weekend style as well.  So, I ask my sister (by the way check out her blog).

“I like that your style is sophisticated, fitted, current and sleek.  You also have a lot of colour and you have an eye for detail.” – Lisa

Again, I am in shock!  Both ladies’ comments completely threw me off guard.  Obviously the reason I embarked on a closet confidence challenge was because I felt lost with clothing.  I also feel very frumpy lately, so for these ladies to tell me that they like how my style is fitted/sleek…I was really happy.  To hear that I’m professional/sophisticated!?  Well I’ll be damned.

Lastly, the colour comment surprised me.  I have been wanting to inject more colours and patterns into my wardrobe for a while, and don’t think that I am anywhere near being comfortable with stepping out of the box. The fact that both ladies stated they like the colour present in my style, put a smile on my face!

To celebrate, I decided to honour these lovely ladies’  comments by sporting the brightest colour I have in my closet today!


Although I am only on Day 2 of this Closet Confidence challenge, I am already feeling the positive benefits of it.  The confidence is starting to peek through already!  How exciting.

Yellow blazer from Zara
Black shell from Winners
Babaton Elliot Pants from Aritzia

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  1. I love this blog post. What a great exercise! I hope you will begin to see yourself how others see you! Sophisticated, sleek, detailed and awesomely you. Love the yellow blazer by the way. Shine bright like a diamond sista!

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