Closet Confidence // Cleaning Out My Closet

“…to fit in, please or cover up.”

Day 4 of the Closet Confidence challenge asked me to look through my closet and get rid of clothes I bought to fit in, please or cover up.  I actually completed a major closet edit/purge earlier this year, so looking through the closet again so soon to find items to purge was a bit difficult.  Despite that, I was still able to find a few small items that I can eliminate based on the theme of this challenge.



UGG Boots

These boots are super comfortable!  I actually love them for that.  In terms of style, though, I can’t say that these will have a place in my wardrobe going forward.  Everyone has a pair, so I definitely purchased these to “fit in”.  I don’t regret doing so though, because they’ve done their job and I’ve worn the crap out of them as you can see. I’m guilty of not taking really good care of them over the years.




Riding Boots

These boots were purchased when I was trying to be more on-trend.  At the time, riding boots were the IT thing of the season.  As I did not own a pair, these won a place in my closet.  Looking at them now, I don’t even think they fit into the riding boot category.  They seem more like elf boots…was that a thing ever?




Pink Pleated Chiffon Maxi Dress

I am so sad that this dress is going into the donate pile.  I purchased this from ChicWish because various fashion bloggers raved about it.  They also all look gorgeous in the dress, so it seemed like a no-brainer for me to pick this one up.  It’s cute, and it covers up the body. I ordered a size L because that’s what I think I am.  This dress covers up all right.  I look like a circus tent.  Well, I guess I’m not a size large after all.  Not even close.  While that makes me happy, I am not happy that I dropped about $70 on this dress.  It would cost me about $27 to return it, so I don’t feel like doing that.  Perhaps I’ll sell it on Kijiji or eBay to try to recoup some of my money.




“Statement” and Trendy Necklaces

While statement necklaces are on my list of things I love but am not wearing yet, I think there’s a major difference between pieces that are well-made and that I love, versus pieces that are just cheap and meh.  These all fit into the cheap and meh category.  I purchased a crap-load of these things in attempts to accessorize more.  What’s the lesson here?  Only buy pieces you truly love, no matter how affordable they may seem at the time.  If you never wear these pieces, then the cost per wear becomes way higher than better quality pieces that you wear all the time.





I purchased these brooches purely to please friends who were hosting one of those jewelry parties.  ‘Nuf said.




Bold Floral Pumps

Yes, bold florals are something that I want to incorporate more into my wardrobe.  These pumps fit that bill, however, I hate the shape of these shoes.  I think it’s the massive platform.  A failed and wasteful attempt at incorporating bold florals. *Womp womp*




Bikini Tops

These bikinis are going into the garbage pile, only because I purchased them purely to cover up.  Kind of backwards – purchasing bikinis with the intent of covering up.  But, when I purchased these, I purchased a few sizes up to make sure that they didn’t dig into my back fat and had full coverage at the boobs.  The result?  A matronly, sloppy and unflattering look.




Wide Belts

I found these stuffed at the back of my accessories drawer.  Gosh they are hideous.  I went on a spree and purchased an assortment of wide belts because I thought they would be the best thing to cinch in the waist and cover up some rolls.  You know what happens when you cinch fat in one spot?  It spills out the sides, and in this case, the top (boobs) and bottom (lower abdomen).  Gross fail.

Feels good to remove these items from the closet!  I can say with confidence now that I love every piece of clothing and accessory in my closet now.

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