Closet Confidence // What’s Wrong With Being Confident

My sister and I were blessed to have the opportunity to attend the Nick Jonas / Demi Lovato Future Now concert this past weekend.  Seeing Demi perform live, I have such mad respect for her!  Amazing voice.  She opened up with “Confident” and I thought the lyrics in the hook would be the perfect title for this post.

I’ve been selecting assignments from Into-Mind’s 30-Day Closet Confidence Challenge that don’t require me to dress up and take photos.  I’ve been too lazy, but I know procrastinating on these assignments means that I will be busy every single day at some point completing these all in a row.  Today’s challenge was to find an outfit online that I would wear if I had perfect confidence.  I did a lot of Pinterest browsing.  Not finding anything there, I turned to Polyvore’s Create a Set feature to help me with this one.

Wear With Confidence

If I had perfect confidence, I would wear a darling tulle skirt and a mid-section baring pretty crop top.  I would inject just a hint of colour to the outfit through a colourful handbag and accessories.  For more fun, I would throw on a bright lip colour.  I don’t know where I would wear an outfit like this…to the opera, out for dinner with the husband, to a holiday party…I’m not sure yet.

Why do I need perfect confidence to wear this?

Well, first and foremost, the mid-baring top has me a little scared at the moment. I think a flat stomach is absolutely necessary to pull off this top.  However, I have seen beautiful women of all sizes rock a crop top, so perhaps I just need to research proper cut and drape of fabrics before I make the final determination that washboard abs are needed for this look.

I LOVE the colour tones of this tulle skirt, and the price is hard to beat as well.  The reason I think I need perfect confidence to wear a tulle skirt is because I don’t think it suits my body shape.  I am very chesty and my torso is short.  I fear wearing a tulle skirt will make me look like a balloon.  Again though, I have seen lots of fashionable women of all sizes do the tulle very well.

I believe the important lesson for the day is that the best accessory a woman can wear is confidence, obviously…

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