Closet Confidence // Designer Logo No Go

Fall is here in the YYC!  A little too early for my liking, and a piece of me died inside once the cold front hit.  What can you do, though, that’s Calgary, Canada for you!  Today’s Closet Confidence challenge produced a lot of gut busting laughs!  The challenge was to wear something that’s commonly considered a fashion no-go.  I didn’t know where to start!  After brainstorming with my sister, we came up with wearing all designer logo errthang!  This is definitely a fashion no-go, right?  Google says so, so it must be true.

My sister and I threw all our Louis Vuitton items together and picked a few pieces to create the most ridiculous outfit we could think of.

My goal with the above outfit was to create something so wrong, gaudy and absolutely unwearable…but call me crazy, I kind of think this ensemble is cute!  Haha, crazy right!?

Regardless, how cute it may or may not be, it is definitely something you wouldn’t see me wearing.  I embarked on creating what I would consider a more wearable look while sticking to the fashion no-go topic.


I only ever sport one designer logo piece at a time.  Two designer logo pieces (with visible and recognizable logo) in one outfit is already pushing it way beyond my comfort boundaries.  However, seeing it here in these photos, I think it can work!  I wasn’t going anywhere (this is a planned and styled shoot, obviously…), but I would be comfortable wearing this outfit if I did have a place to be.

All in all, it was a really fun afternoon!  Special thanks to La Vida Lisa and her husband.

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