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As I attempt to explore and discover my personal style, sometimes it seems easier to start by determining things that are NOT my style.  However, as I sit and give this list some thought, I’ve only come up with one item so far: ripped denim.  I’m generally pretty opinionated about what I like or don’t like, so I felt it really unlikely that I would only have one thing on this list!

Hmmm…this was harder than I thought it would be.  I had to turn to Into-Mind’s Quick Tip post to help me out!

After a quick read through of Anuschka’s tips, I was well on my way with my list.  Check it out below!

Ripped Denim

rippedRipped denim has been blowing up on my Instagram feed.  I have to say, I’m not a huge fan.  This includes denim cut-off shorts.   I also have never gotten into the acid-wash phase.

I prefer my denim to be clean with not even a single fray on it.  Dark wash jeans are my go-to, but I could do a light grey as well, I think.


I am sure Birkenstocks are SUPER comfy, but they’re just not for me.  Instead, I would prefer a cute pair of Adidas pool sliders.

Vintage Bohemian

Vintage Bohemian is also showing up on my Instagram feed a lot.  I think these looks are gorgeous on others, but it’s just not my style and I don’t think I would be sporting anything like this soon.  I prefer classic and fitted silhouettes over anything unstructured and flowy.

By the way, I found this image on Pinterest but clicked on the link to take me to where this image is originally from.  GypsyLovinLight is an absolutely gorgeous blog!



Gwen Stefani’s solo debut with Love.Angel.Music.Baby was my first introduction to Harajuku Tokyo fashion. While these looks are very expressive and fun, there is no version of reality where I would be wearing something like this.

When I was younger, I liked my TokiDoki and cute character t-shirts.  This will probably be as far as I will venture into Harajuku fashion.  Maybe, just MAYBE, I would consider the silver hair and grey coloured contact lenses. Haha.


punk_girlPunk/Skater girl style is another look Gwen Stefani rocked with fervour.  I have a mad crush on Gwen, but not super keen on this style for myself.

I prefer rocker chick style.  For instance, leather leggings and spiked or studded details on clothing items and jewelry.

Flares and Bells

flaresMassive flared pants and bell sleeves are not that appealing to me. I prefer wide leg pants and 3/4 sleeve shirts.  Flared pants and bell sleeves fall under the Bohemian look to me, so this might explain why I’m not partial to the look.

Ed Hardy

edhardyI can’t believe this was EVER in style. It’s not in style anymore is it!? Please tell me no.To avoid being crass, I won’t tell you my Ed Hardy joke. Hehe.

Matching Jewelry Sets

matchingsetIndividually, these pieces are very beautiful.  I just would never wear them all at once and would feel like a Golden Girl if I did.

See-Through Anything

bey_sheerRemember this gown?  I have to give Beyonce an A for confidence!  I am so impressed that she was able to wear this gown and own it.  In terms of style, I am definitely not a fan of overly sheer ensembles that leave nothing to the imagination.  For me, this even extends into that whole trend of the translucent PVC handbag!  You can literally see all my “junk” with a purse like that.

Sheer clothing has always been difficult for me to incorporate into my wardrobe effectively.  There are certain sheer pieces that I feel are done right.  After all, I did fall in love with the sheer tank by BCBG in this post.

Itchy and Scratchy

Anything made from itchy and scratchy material such as mohair or tinsel thread would cause me to walk away from it immediately.  I had a mohair mock turtleneck once upon a time.  It was super cute but hella itchy!  I don’t think I could ever give up comfort for fashion.

Bold Dramatic Eyeshadows

dramatic_eyesBold, bright and dramatic eyeshadows are not my style.  Not my everyday style anyways.  If I’m on stage, I would do some crazy eye makeup if the performance calls for it for dramatic effect.

For everyday, I prefer neutral and natural toned eyeshadows that have the sole purpose of enhancing my eyes through crease contouring.  For an evening out clubbing or for a holiday party, I prefer a classic smokey eye in taupe, grey and pink or deep purple tones.

Polo Shirts

poloThe preppy polo shirt had its time at the top of popularity for women’s fashion if I recall correctly.  I don’t see them on women often anymore.  Men in my office sport these shirts often on casual Friday and I think they look absolutely darling in them!

The polo shirt for me was never my style.  Too preppy and stuffy looking?  Doesn’t look very flattering pulled over my large bust?  Who knows exactly why polos are not a love for me.  I’ll take a basic pullover crew neck tee, please.

Tube Tops

tubeTube tops are not my style. I don’t think they flatter my body shape very well.  I prefer skinny spaghetti strap tank tops over tube tops.

Candy Coloured Jeggings

coloful_jeggingsA few years ago, I purchased a pair of bright coral jeggings.  I think I wore them once and immediately donated them afterwards.  Perhaps it’s the tight fit of jeggings paired with the bright eye-catching colour that turns me off as soon as I squeeze into a pair.

I prefer bright candy coloured trousers in a relaxed or slim fit.  I can dress these trousers up or down and they do well in adding a shot of unexpected colour to a professional outfit.

Paisley Print

paisley_printI want to venture more into exploring prints and patterns in my clothing.  However, paisley prints do nothing for me.  I prefer florals, stripes, and small quirky repeat print patterns.

*all images were sourced from Pinterest*


So that makes up my list.  I am guilty of having recently owned a lot of the pieces above (except Ed Hardy.  Never ever Ed Hardy), so this exercise was a good eye opener in terms of helping me define what items I should stay away from.  I still feel very far away from being able to confidently define my personal style, but at least I am a few steps closer now.

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