Closet Confidence // Like a Boss

Once upon a time, I was commuting home from the office on public transit.  There are never a lack of interesting characters to interact with when I take public transit.  For those who know me personally, I generally keep to myself and am not super warm, open and friendly when you meet me for the first time.  Even less so with strangers who I know I will never cross paths with again.

On this day, I happened to sit down beside a male passenger who was being incredibly loud and obnoxious to everyone.  Clearly he had had a few.  I open up my phone to review the day’s emails, when the man leans over into my personal bubble (gasp, oh no he di’nt!) and says in the most male chauvinist way you can imagine: “hey lady, you look good.  You must be a secretary downtown.” I turn my head and look him straight in the eyes, bitch-face blank stare and all, and respond: “No. I’m a boss.”  Oh, it was SO FUN!

Today’s Closet Confidence challenge by Into-Mind is to find a power look that makes me feel confident and assertive.

What defines a true power look?  Here is what I’ve learned:

  • Neutral Colours
  • Simplicity and Minimalism
  • Structured Pieces
  • Comfortable but Not Casual
  • Attention to Details
  • Statement Lip Colour

I really didn’t have to think too hard on what to wear for this challenge.  I went straight to my closet and pulled out a navy BCBG blazer that my mom purchased for me years ago.  It is one of my favourite pieces.  I love the way it is structured, including the comfortable stretch heavy jersey panel down the sides.  When I put it on, it absolutely makes me feel confident and assertive.  I need more pieces in my arsenal that do this!


Neutral colours – check.  Black and navy are my faves.  I read somewhere that pairing black with navy is wrong?  Whatever, I don’t care.  This pairing is my safe pairing.

Simplicity and minimalism – affirmative.  The silhouette is straight-cut and there’s nothing crazy going on with this outfit.

Structured pieces – yes.  This blazer speaks “structured” to me.  The stiff shoulders and neat tailoring are the main reasons I am drawn to it.

Comfortable but not casual – roger.  Viscose material in the dress allows it to stretch and give with my movements.  The genius cut of the blazer creates a structured piece that still provides plenty of roominess around the seat area.  The jersey panels down the sides of the blazer also contribute to this comfort.  These are perfect materials to remain looking polished even after a day of getting up and down from my desk, presenting at meetings and cutting crosstown to meet with customers.

Attention to details – sure.  I think so, anyways…I tried to accomplish this with the snakeskin wedge pumps and statement necklace to break up this otherwise stoic outfit.

Statement lip colour – definitely.  I am in love with this lip colour – Candy Yum-Yum by MAC.  I usually dress in neutrals, so when I want to throw a punch of colour to my look, bright lipstick is an easy go-to for me.

Challenge completed!


Navy blazer from BCBGMaxAzria
Black shift dress from Femme de Carriere
Python wedge pumps from Coach
Statement necklace from Sirens
Skinny belt from Jacob

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