Closet Confidence // Upgrade Please + Basics Styled 2 Ways

Today’s challenges have me brainstorming 3 ways to upgrade my everyday look and styling basics 2 ways.  I think I’ve mentioned before that I consider myself basic and boring in terms of fashion.  By no means am I fashionable, nor do I aspire to be.  I just want to find my own self, confidence and comfort through this Closet Confidence challenge, created by Anuschka Raes of Into-Mind blog.

My foundation outfit for casual Fridays and weekends is jeans and a t-shirt.  On Fridays, I would throw on a blazer and pumps to take it up to appropriate for the office.  I’m not sure how much more basic you can get!

So how would I take this outfit up a notch?

1. Add a statement necklace 

I love other people’s ability to accessorize without overdoing it. I have always had a problem with accessorizing.  Once, my dear sister purchased a shirt for me that had an attached necklace on it!  As I sit here typing this I am literally laughing out loud at this memory.  It was such a thoughtful gift and I did actually wear the crap out of that shirt.  I would receive compliments from people on my “accessory” and have this moment to myself where it was like: “heh heh heh…little do they know…”.  I hope to one day be able to join the club of females who kill it at accessorizing properly.

2. Wear at least one piece with a fun detail

When I’m actually paying attention to what I’m wearing, I realize I bore myself.  To upgrade my everyday look, I would like to commit to always wearing just one piece that is incredibly fun.  For instance, instead of the typical plain and basic tank top, why not a shirt with a quirky print of tiny sparrows or skulls on it? Or, instead of my basic suiting blazer, why not a blazer with a peplum or a cap sleeve?

3. Step up the shoe game

I own a lot of shoes.  Some are outrageous by my standards such as my shiny and gaudy gold and black high tops.  I love every single pair.  Despite this, you will always see me in my worn out basic black point toe pumps.  I think it’s time to bring my other shoes out to play.  Better prepare myself for an onslaught of blisters…it takes a while to break in shoes while schlepping from building to building between meetings in downtown Calgary.  Blisters are exactly what happened when I wore my python wedges with this outfit.  Ouch.  Anyways, I think I can get away with boring basics in terms of clothing if I make sure to always have fun footwear.


Thinking about the upgrades listed above, here is how I styled basics two ways:


1. Outfit for running weekend errands


Jeans from The Gap (affiliate link) | T-shirt from Joe Fresh (affiliate link) | Sneaker Wedges (old) – the ones they were inspired after were definitely these drool worthy ones (affiliate link) – here’s a much more affordable option (affiliate link) | Michael Kors Watch (affiliate link) | Blanket scarf from Aritzia

After seeing Alicia Fashionista with this Wilfred Blanket Scarf, I fell in love with it! I knew I had to have it and ran into Aritzia shortly after to grab one for myself.  I’m still learning how to actually wear and style this massive thing!

*excuse the nappy hair!  It’s unwashed, unbrushed day-old hair after yesterday night’s performance :D*

I actually ran a few errands today in this and it was quite cozy and comfortable.  Weather in Calgary is odd these days with the chilly autumn air contrasting the heat from the bright sun.  This scarf moderated the temperature well.


2. Outfit for drinks with your girls


Jeans from The Gap (affiliate link) | T-shirt from Joe Fresh (affiliate link)| Blazer (old) similar here and here (affiliate links) | Baseball Cap from Aritzia | Michael Kors Watch (affiliate link) | Coach Purse (old) similar here (affiliate link) | Shoes (old) similar here (affiliate link)

When I go out with my girlfriends, it usually turns into hours of gabbing and drinking.  This requires something that looks ever so slightly dressed up, but is comfortable enough to sit in for at least 4 hours.  This is the second baseball cap that I have purchased for myself and actually wear!  The first one was a Toronto Raptors cap – I’m a super fan.  I love the perforated detail of this black cap and the vegan leather material dresses it up just a bit.

So…aside from the fun shoes in both looks, I think I need to do a much better job at upgrading and styling my outfits.  Hopefully that will come through this personal journey and it will be like second nature one day!


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